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With many years of expertise in various telecom technologies across different geographies, we have an extremely refined challenge addressal mechanism for the telecom industry. Leveraging our pre-defined telecom solutions, we provide measurable and faster ROIs. With the ever changing technology trends and increasing customer demands, there are lot of challenges faced by telecom companies. We provide an integrated user experience converging applications, networks and content through our GUIs. We are experienced in providing our services from the initial phase of the production line to develop reliable revenue streams through efficient and productive methodology keeping content management and strategic planning based on the customer needs and preferences as the kingpin. We design, develop, deploy and manage technology platforms that allow us to deliver value-added services. We are keenly identify our partners’ preferences to provide revenue driven innovative services, applications and content.

Our LBS Advertisement Service aims to provide selected operator’s Customers the ability to send SMS, MMS and (WAP push over SMS) to the handsets of end users who are located in a particular area over the map.


The system shall support selected operator in offering a location based advertising service to its enterprise customers by allowing them to send promotional campaigns to its targeted recipients. The campaigns can be sent via SMS, MMS, and WAP push over SMS to the handsets of end users who are located in a particular area.

Broadcast message to all
the SMS or MMS or WAP push over SMS messages which are sent out by the business customer to end users using LBS service. All MSISDNS under the selected area shall receive the message.
Broadcast message with white list
The list of MSISDN numbers that will receive the message in the target area.Other MSISDN numbers not in this list will not receive the message.
Black list
The list of MSISDN numbers that will not receive the message in the target area. Other MSISDN numbers not in this list should receive the message. (This is for operation team only) the black list to be applied globally on all business customers.
Sender id
The text that appears in the received message in the “from� field. It contains maximum 11 alphanumeric characters including spaces
LBS web portal:
Through LBS web portal all business customers can access, define broadcast messages based on their preference of location, list of receivers, sender id, time and date, etc…